Grace Farah is a passionate story teller who has spent her career crafting interesting and worthy projects on various media platforms, including television, film, digital media and radio. From producing and directing a film about the inspiring USA Rugby team, the Eagles, in ‘TRY’; to founding the initiative TRIGGER FOOD ALLERGY AWARENESS to raise awareness of the very real dangers of food allergies, to telling the simple children’s tale about the need to not procrastinate in her first children’s book ‘Today, Today, Today!’, Grace has years of experience telling stories that deserve to be told.

Grace began her career in radio and it remains her first love.

“The world is brimming with really great stories to tell and we just needed one place to tell them. That’s why I wanted to create ‘WorldAbout.’

“The intent is to find the most interesting, informative and innovative stories from around the world that you can apply to your everyday life.

The world is filled with amazing people who are doing truly amazing things and we want to bring as many of them to the forefront as possible.”

“Interesting, Informative, Innovative news you can use.” – Grace Farah