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Grace Farah is a passionate story teller who has spent her career crafting interesting and worthy projects on various media platforms, including film, television, digital media and radio.Grace began her career in radio and it remains her first love. The world is brimming with really great stories to tell and she just needed one place to tell them.

“The intent is to find the most interesting, informative and innovative stories from around the world that you can apply to your everyday life. The world is filled with amazing people who are doing truly amazing things and we want to bring as many of them to the forefront as possible.” – Grace Farah

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Julie Randall

"Meet the Extraordinarily Inspiring Julie Randall. In 2012, Julie was told she was going to die. She went from being a seemingly healthy 50 year old one day to being told the next that she had Advanced Melanoma with only months to live and there was nothing more doctors in Australia could do. Julie, Author of ‘Patient 71’ shares her remarkable cancer survival story, detailing her promise to her family that she would fix this and her refusal to take no for an answer. "

Thomas Silvera

"Thomas Silvera and Dina Hawthorne-Silvera’s 3-year-old son, Elijah tragically passed away after he had an anaphylactic reaction to a grilled cheese sandwich at his daycare. On this episode of WorldAbout, Grace sit’s down with Thomas, Co-Founder of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation, and discusses how losing their son to anaphylaxis has put them on a path of ensuring that no other family has to go through what his family experienced. “It shouldn’t take a tragedy to create change. Elijah, he did not die in vain."

Geoffrey A. Fowler

"Geoffrey A. Fowler is The Washington Post’s technology columnist, writing from San Francisco about how to navigate the confusing, occasionally scary and deeply personal world of tech. He joined The Post in 2017 after 16 years with the Wall Street Journal writing about consumer technology, Silicon Valley, national affairs and China. He won the 2020 Gerald Loeb Award for commentary."

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