The Future of Travel, with Expedia PR Manager Christie Hudson

Are you wanting to travel, but not sure it is the right time? Want to know when is the best day of the week to travel and to book your flight? In this episode of 'WorldAbout with Grace Farah', Grace catches up with Christie Hudson, Senior PR Manager at Expedia. Christie explains the state of travel due to the global…


Where in the WorldAbout? Tourism Fiji CEO – Brent Hill

On this episode of 'WorldAbout', we introduce a new segment called ‘Where-in-the-WorldAbout.’ We throw a dart blindfolded at a world map, and wherever it lands, we visit! Our first location was a jackpot - Fiji! Grace takes you to Fiji and sits down with Tourism Fiji's CEO Brent Hill, discussing Fiji's upcoming tourism reopening after COVID-19, and their new celebrity…


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