Martha Nino – Diversity And Inclusion Advocate

Millions of children live in poverty around the world, and many never see a life outside the sparsity and struggle of their circumstance. In this episode, meet Martha Nino, who was born in a grass shack in Mexico and smuggled across the border, later breaking the cycle of poverty. Hear how one school counselor changed the trajectory of her life by taking the time to…


Talking Golf With Rod Morri

The world of professional golf has been suddenly divided by the controversial Saudi-backed LIV golf tournament, who is paying unheard of sums of money to sign away PGA Tour players. On this episode Grace sits down with award-winning golf journalist Rod Morri, who discusses the real impact this new tournament series is having on the players, PGA, the global game and…


The Captivating Ari Honarvar

Ari Honarvar is an Award-winning Writer, Journalist, Musical Ambassador of Peace, and Founder of ‘Rumi With A View’, which is dedicated to building music and poetry bridges across war-torn and conflict-ridden borders.On this episode, Ari discusses her incredible life growing up in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, how her mother wrote a poem to the Indian Embassy in hopes of…


The Future of Travel, with Expedia PR Manager Christie Hudson

Are you wanting to travel, but not sure it is the right time? Want to know when is the best day of the week to travel and to book your flight? In this episode of 'WorldAbout with Grace Farah', Grace catches up with Christie Hudson, Senior PR Manager at Expedia. Christie explains the state of travel due to the global…


Where in the WorldAbout? Tourism Fiji CEO – Brent Hill

On this episode of 'WorldAbout', we introduce a new segment called ‘Where-in-the-WorldAbout.’ We throw a dart blindfolded at a world map, and wherever it lands, we visit! Our first location was a jackpot - Fiji! Grace takes you to Fiji and sits down with Tourism Fiji's CEO Brent Hill, discussing Fiji's upcoming tourism reopening after COVID-19, and their new celebrity…


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