The Inspiring Creator of the Human Library, Ronni Abergel

Imagine a place where instead of borrowing a book to read a story, you borrow a person to discuss their story? In this episode, Grace sits down with the creator of the Human Library, Ronni Abergel,  and discusses the need for a library where people can loan a human book, persons who have experienced prejudice, social exclusion, or stigma; as…


Our WorldAbout Christmas Special

Merry Christmas! On today's Christmas radio special, Grace spoke with Scott Yoffe, former Assistant Director of Media Relations at the San Diego Chargers, about whether her wish of the Chargers ever returning home to San Diego is possible. Plus, the amazingly talented  Renny Field, creator of the WorldAbout jingle, with an extraordinary impromptu Christmas song!!! Guest Links: 


Mike Vinn, Comedian & House MC at the La Jolla Comedy Store

On this episode of 'WorldAbout', Grace chats with the House MC at  The Comedy Store La Jolla, comedian Mike Vinn about how the pandemic has impacted the world of comedy, and how comedians around the world have adapted to this 'new normal.’ Plus, how technology is enhancing options for entertainers in a post-pandemic environment. Finally, Mike reminds listeners of his…


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